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Vehicle Storage

Sometimes, vehicles need storage too, which is why CubeSmart offers a variety of storage options to fit your needs. Find vehicle storage solutions near you for your car, RV, boat, and more.

Types of Vehicle Storage

Car Storage

CubeSmart has options for all of your common car storage needs. Choose from indoor or outdoor parking storage. With options including drive-up and covered units, you’ll find what you need at CubeSmart.

Motorcycle Storage

Ready to hit the open road but the weather isn’t quite right? When you need seasonal storage for your motorcycle, CubeSmart’s vehicle storage options are here to help.

RV Storage

Neighborhood homeowners’ associations and city ordinances can make parking your RV a hassle. With CubeSmart, RV storage is anything but.

Boat Storage

Boat storage is a breeze with CubeSmart. Our flexible vehicle storage options make seasonal storage of your boat (large or small) easy.

Jet Ski Storage

Jet skis are great watercrafts to break out in the summer but can take up valuable space in your garage off season. When that happens, consider CubeSmart’s vehicle storage options for your jet ski storage needs.

ATV Storage

ATVs are a fun way to get around but aren’t as enjoyable when they take up valuable space in your garage. Use CubeSmart’s variety of vehicle storage options for your ATV storage needs.

Vehicle Storage Options

  • Indoor Vehicle Storage Units

    If keeping your car or other vehicles from the elements like rain, snow, and sun exposure is important to you, then consider indoor vehicle storage options. These storage units can act as your garage away from home. Whether it’s tucking away your motorcycle until the weather gets nicer, or a classic car you want to store with care, CubeSmart’s indoor vehicle storage is the solution for you.

  • Outdoor Vehicle Storage

    Do you like your big toys and can’t wait for the next adventure, but you don’t have the space to keep your boat or RV at home? You need outdoor vehicle storage! These vehicles are typically too large to keep in a driveway at home, not to mention the headache of a homeowner’s association enforcing the rules. Outdoor vehicle storage not only works well for boats and RVs but jet skis, too!  No matter the vehicle, CubeSmart has you covered.

  • Covered Vehicle Storage

    Speaking of covered, we have more options for you when storing your vehicle outdoors. If you want more coverage, consider covered vehicle storage. Ideal for any vehicle you want to keep from rain or sun exposure, this outdoor storage option is a versatile solution for your common storage needs.

Vehicle Storage Benefits

Free Up Garage Space

Life happens quickly and can leave you with a garage full of stuff and no more room for your car or other vehicles. Vehicle storage at CubeSmart allows you to store your vehicles until you need them again and keeps your space at home clutter-free.


CubeSmart’s vehicle storage options are flexible because we know that’s important to you. Access your vehicle when you need it and come and go as you please. When you’re done, leave with peace of mind knowing the facility features around-the-clock video recording and other amenities.

Short-Term Vehicle Storage

Going away and don’t want to leave your car at the airport? Or maybe you have a vehicle you want to store for the season but don’t have the room in your garage or driveway. No matter the reason, CubeSmart’s short-term vehicle storage options might be just what you’re looking for. Get exactly what you need for as long as you need it and feel good knowing your vehicles are stored with care.

Vehicle Storage FAQs

CubeSmart offers a variety of vehicle storage options to fit your needs. Find storage near you for your car, RV, boat, and more.