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Self Storage Help and Resources

At CubeSmart, we’re here to make your self storage experience easy. To help you make as well-prepared a decision as possible for your storage needs, we’ve put together our best self storage resources.

First Time Self Storage Guide

Your first time renting self storage can be tricky and you may not know what to expect. How do you know what size storage unit you need? Do I need climate controlled storage or regular storage? Our First Time Self Storage Guide addresses some of the most immediate concerns for first-time customers.

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Size Guide

Do you need a 5 × 10 storage unit, or a 10 × 10 storage unit? What about a storage locker for the seasonal items in your home? We’ve made it easy to figure out how much space you’ll need. Use our handy size guide to determine the right storage units for your storage needs.

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Storage Tips

Moving and packing can be stressful. Unforeseen complications can arise and may take your focus elsewhere. To help you stay on track and optimize your storage experience, we put together packing, moving, and self-storage tips to make moving day easier.

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Storage Solutions

Everyone has different reasons for why they need storage. Maybe you’re renovating and need temporary storage until the project is complete. Or maybe there’s some furniture in your home that doesn’t fit, but you still want to hold onto it. At CubeSmart, we understand the need for versatile storage solutions, which is why we have a variety of storage options from which to choose.

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Packing Supplies

Having the right packing supplies for your move makes a huge difference in your storage journey. Don’t settle for flimsy boxes or low-quality packing supplies. Save a trip to multiple stores and purchase our high-quality packing and moving supplies right in our office. We offer a variety of box sizes, tape, locks, bubble wrap, and more!

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Self Storage FAQs

A lot of questions come up during the moving process and getting self storage. We’ve gathered our most frequently asked questions to help you get your move off to a successful start.

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