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Let Our Team Help You Develop, Manage, & Lease Cell Towers & Billboards

Operating cell towers and billboards with CubeSmart gives you access to prime markets in the top 25 cities and communities in the U.S. Our expansive portfolio of holdings includes over 600 owned as well as more than 600 managed properties, with more options added every month. Perfect for billboard advertising and cellular tower placement, our high-traffic locations provide a secure investment for your outdoor marketing or cell service needs.

Our in-house team brings experience and expertise to help lease, develop, and operate cell towers and billboards, providing access to a large base of audiences and users across the country. We currently lease space for more than 125 cell sites and dozens of billboards. Our strong focus on customer service as well as our knowledge of these industries make us a trustworthy partner that can guide you through this process. Let us show you how CubeSmart can help advance your presence in key markets.

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Commercial leasing FAQs

Why lease space for billboard marketing & cellular towers with CubeSmart?

We offer an expansive and ever-growing portfolio of 1,200+ properties at prime locations in the top 25 metropolitan areas across the country.

Our relationships with owners of third-party properties are an asset that sets CubeSmart apart and adds ease and security to the whole process. 

Does CubeSmart have relationships with telecommunication providers for cell tower leases?

Yes. Our experience with cell tower leasing has helped us establish relationships with all major providers in the telecommunications and outdoor marketing industries.

Our team has negotiated leases and agreements with every major provider, which expedites and streamlines the negotiation and leasing process for you.

Does CubeSmart offer outdoor digital signage & billboard advertising for commercial real estate?

Yes. And our in-house real estate team’s knowledge and experience make them uniquely suited to address the needs of commercial tenants.

Who handles CubeSmart’s cellular towers & billboards for commercial lease tenants?

Our dedicated team of in-house real estate experts, who bring knowledge and experience to negotiating form leases and agreements with major providers and understand the unique needs of our tenants.